You can reach the chapel of the Pius-Gymnasium via the entrance of Haus Eich (Eupener Str. 136, 52066 Aachen) or via the entrance of the Aachen administration center (Eupener Straße 142, 52066 Aachen).

The community rooms are located behind the Haus Eich (Eupener Str. 136c, 52066 Aachen).

You can find parking spaces on Eupener Straße itself, in front of the Aachen administration center, or in the parking lots of Haus Eich.


Pastor Otis Boadu

+49 178 2886291

Postal address:

Please, we kindly ask you to not send your letters to the address of the Pius-Gymnasium (Eupener Straße 158).
You can reach us by post at the following address:

Quelle des Lebens Aachen e. V.
Mühlental 110
52066 Aachen

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